Feynman Hughes Lectures
1966 – 1971



These notes are for all those who want to learn more about science, math and nature as Feynman did; to learn more of how he taught and embrace his charge to pass on what we have learned.

I believe consistent with Feynman’s interest to teach as many as he could about science these notes are free and open to the public for non-commercial use.  

Update: 12/2017

The Hughes Lecture Notes, THL, website has been up for about 4 years. During the time over 130,000 visitors from over 185 countries around the world have made over 500,000 downloads of the lectures. This continual, and strong, interest in Feynman is validation of the original transcription effort and the process involved to make the lectures available on line to the general public at no cost.

HRL Podcast: An oral interview on the development and motivation for THLs

In March 2017,during a visit and tour at the now HRL Laboratories, LLC, I was interviewed about my interest in Feynman and how the notes came about. The HRL Laboratories have undertaken a project to capture and preserve its long history of scientific and engineering breakthroughs. The interview was conducted as part of capturing a part of the labs oral history. For those interested in that interview which has recently been made available as a podcast it can be found at http://www.hrl.com/podcast/2017/12/18/episode-002-john-neer